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Friday, February 27, 2009

Political Party Discension

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President Obama has created a plan for troop removal from Iraq that will leave a residual force there to train Iraqi's until 2011. Apparently that isn't good enough for Nancy Pelosi and other lead Democrats.

The facts:

-We will be completely out of Iraq by the end of 2011.

-Obama wants to remove 2/3 of our military forces that are there by August 2010 and leave approximately 1/3 of our forces there to train Iraqi's and aid in security until they take over. In the end, the plan is to remove everyone.

There seems to be no problem with that plan as far as I can see but for people that think making someone else look bad matters, there is a problem. It really is too bad no one in the media asks "why?" anymore. I want to know Pelosi's reasoning for not agreeing with this. As far as I can see the only possibly reason would be if we withdraw completely and in shorter time, there is a chance Iraq could become a long-term civil warzone and she could slap it on the Republicans so they look bad. Let us hope that is not the case.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Burris and 'Blago' involved?

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There is a connection between Roland Burris and former Governor Blagojevich that everyone was hoping would not turn up. So far I have only been able to find an article about this on CBS News but it seems fairly legitimate since there are quotes from fellow Illinois Senator Dick Durbin.

This is just another example of typical Chicago/Illinois politics. If only there was some way to fly Chicago out over the pacific ocean and drop it in we would get rid of a lot of crime and nonsense in a short period of time.

If this is indeed true, and it appears to be, get this man out of office now. I am personally asking the Senate to impeach him from his position and send him back to his awful city.

I apologize for the harsh tone of this post but things like this anger me beyond control.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Marijuana Legalization Update

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Apparently they may be considering it even more seriously than I first thought. I applaud this action by California; it is not often that I can say that. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

The Republican Response

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According to many, from all areas of the political spectrum, Governor Jindal's response to the president's speech last night was lackluster. After watching it myself, he made me feel like he was trying to teach me something in the third grade. I agree with some of what he said but if he is supposed to be the next presidential hopeful for the Republican party, he needs to become more charismatic and less demeaning. I agree with some of the things he said but the way you say those things also matters. Understandably, it is hard to seem charismatic when you are talking to a camera in a room with no audience but it could have been better.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Big Speech

Mr. President you really do have a chance to be one of the most successful presidents of all time. I stress the fact that it is a chance and not guaranteed. I will remain a skeptic until I see things work; which is how everyone should be. When something is shown to work, then think it is good. I think I am right but I hope you are right because I would rather things work out and me be wrong than life be worse and me be right.

Some of what you said I am absolutely positive will never work. Let me talk about my expertise. For the last time, getting a national health records database is NOT a good idea. It WILL get hacked. There is no way to make it secure and it will never pay off the troubles that will come when you lose massive numbers of medical identities.

In the end even the government will not do what is not in their own best interest. If they wanted to do what was best and cut some spending they would cut THEIR OWN salaries down to what the average American makes and get the benefits of the programs they give to others so they can be on the same level.

One thing I noticed throughout this whole speech that really bothered me is just how fake every politician is. This is not the first time I've noticed this. They all stand and clap as soon as a few others do just so they don' have to be seen sitting down and pouting. A lot of Republicans had fake angry faces on and a lot of Democrats and constant, fake, plastered smiles. It is all such an obvious front.

All in all the speech sounded good, as expected from this president, and there are some things I want to see work before I believe.

Oh, The Stimulus Package

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It is quite obvious at this point that most Republicans really do not approve of the "stimulus" package that was recently passed and signed. Although there have been many other wasteful programs pointed out, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal points out a few.

Quote from CNN article:
"He spoke to a large group of reporters after the session Monday, noting items such as $1 billion in added spending for the national census and $50 million in federal spending for the arts."

Items like these do not belong in an economic stimulus bill, period. I totally agree with the Republicans on this. There are some things in this bill that may help in the long run and may not. No one really has any idea what is going to happen. The two things mentioned above are not economically stimulating. The reason I am making a big deal about small things like this is the same reason I made a big deal about the new helicopters: in a time like this, every penny matters. This is not a time to say "it's just $1 billion dollars out of $900 billion." It is still $1 BILLION DOLLARS. When President Obama states that 90% of the bill is good and the other 10% is not a reason to vote against it, he is completely wrong. If he is telling the truth when he states the ratio of 90%, there is an incredible amount of waste. 10% of that money is $90 BILLION DOLLARS!

Some people will say that most of the bill is good and some politicians need to have benefits in the bill in order for it to receive their vote. I say those politicians should all be voted out and never run for office again. Anyone, in any party, who votes for a bill they don't completely believe in because a benefit was added to receive their vote should be removed from office now. The only way for this to happen is for people to pay attention, get angry about it, and do something.

Time for a little bashing of the Republicans now.

Quote from the Fox News article:
"Although he said Republicans are willing to work with Obama and congressional Democrats, his remarks continued the generally harsh Republican reactions to Obama's bid to boost the U.S. economy with billions of dollars in spending."

No Mr. Jindal, you are not willing to compromise just as the Democrats are not willing to compromise. You take turns saying this exact same thing when the other side takes control so you can seem like the good guys for the next election; the good guys who got snubbed by the big powerful opposites.

Update About The New Helicopters

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In the interest of objectivity I must admit when a politician does what is right, regardless of political affiliation. Apparently, President Obama has officially put a hold on the purchase of new helicopters for his administration. Thank you, Mr. President, for doing the right thing this time and not spending the dough.

Marijuana Legalization

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Apparently some politicians may be coming around to, at least what I think, is the logical side of the drug debate. Surprisingly, these politicians are from California. I guess being in massive debt will make you change your mind on certain issues although it is sad that money changes people's values. While my reasoning may be different than some of their reasoning, in the end we can come to the same conclusion. I will not turn this into a debate for the legalization of all drugs; strictly marijuana. While this article may be talking mostly about medical marijuana, I will expand the debate to include all uses.

The good:

-Tax on marijuana sales can be done just as cigarette taxes are and it would bring in a massive amount of money to whatever government level the taxes apply to.

-Legalizing marijuana would free up large space in our prisons since it is probably the most widely used illegal drug. If someone can find otherwise, please post.

-There is nothing in the Bill of Rights that denies you the right to use substances that only hurt you. The government's job is not to protect people from themselves.

-Legalizing marijuana allows the mass production of the product and allows competition to take place. Drug cartels, although marijuana may not be as profitable as others, thrive off of the fact that they can control supply since they operate on the black market. Legalizing marijuana and other drugs would instantly solve Mexico's problems with the drug lords that we are responsible for because we are the number one drug buyer in the world.

The bad and the solutions to the bad:

-More people will smoke marijuana and hurt themselves. Firstly, this may not be true. At first, this would probably happen. In the long run, if we don't think of it as a big deal, less people will do it. Secondly, if a person wants to harm themselves, it is totally up to them to decide. It is your fundamental right as a human being to control your life and also reap the consequences of what you do.

-People that are driving while high on marijuana put others at risk. This is true and it needs to be dealt with harshly. The penalties for drunk driving are a joke and barely stopping anyone from doing it. This is where the government should be doing its job and protecting people from others. I see no problem with giving someone a five year license suspension on first offense and a lifetime ban on second offense. If you want to be a marijuana user or alcohol drinker that is fine, but you need to do it responsibly. With freedom comes responsibility.

If anyone can think of anything else to add to either one of these sections please post. I will attempt to defend my side against whatever posts I have time to answer.

Monday, February 23, 2009

New Helicopters or Not?

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During a time of economic crisis, the citizens of any nation should expect fiscal responsibility out of the leaders of that nation. It is no different right now in the United States. Right now President Obama can make either a great decision or a terrible one.

Apparently there was/is a plan in place to buy a fleet of 28 new presidential helicopters that are supposed to cost an estimated $11.2 billion. Of course, this is pocket change when comparing to the amount of money recently committed to the stimulus package that was passed, but every penny counts in a time like this.

It would seem so far that President Obama intends to stop this waste of money from occurring. He stated that he spoke to Defense Secretary Robert Gates and he intends to have him review the situation.

Quote from CBSNews article listed above:
"'The helicopter I have now seems perfectly adequately to me,' said Mr. Obama. 'Of course, I've never had a helicopter before. Maybe I’ve been deprived and I didn’t know it ,' he said to laughter from his audience which included many members of Congress."

A little levity in this situation never hurt either Mr. President. Now please follow through on what you are saying and stop this money leak right now.

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