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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Oligarchy

It really is amazing how much Obama-lovers, hardcore Democrats, and hardcore Republicans will continually deny the fact that every last one of their candidates is bought and payed for by some lobbyist or lobbying corporation. As long as lobbying is legal or unmonitored, corporations and wealthy people that have interest will continue to donate large sums of money to political campaigns so that these politicians will remember them and make laws or loopholes to benefit them once they are in office.

The problem here is now starting to show its ugly face in America. That problem is that small businesses are getting snuffed out. Small businesses are the ones that get things done. Large corporations and the government are bureaucracies and bureaucracies take a long time to get anything done. Why they get nothing done will be left for another post.

I'm going to continue to preach the Libertarian mantra on this blog and that means that I am about to say once again, vote out Democrats and Republicans next election. We don't need greedy, war-mongering morons like George Bush or over-emotional, snake-like liars like Obama who can't keep his word about anything.

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