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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Smart-Grid Not So Smart


The Register

The not-so-genius idea called the Smart-Grid that is being implemented as we speak, already has cyber-security issues. I could have told you this before it even started for two reasons: the government has their hand in it, and nothing is ever 100% secure. Knowing these two things, why did we vote in politicians that wanted to do this? There are certain things vital to our way of life that we should not attach to a network. Those certain things are worth the extra man-power and time to keep off of a network. Attacks will make it cost more in the end. One of those things is the electric grid.

There are already multiple demonstrations planned for conferences for ways to attack the Smart-Grid; attacks that will allow a hacker to create power outages basically anywhere he/she wants.

President Obama likes to stand up there and talk a lot, I mean he is good at talking, and say how we need to keep looking into cyber-security and how we need to look at this and that. The only problem is, regardless of the advice from the security community, they are going to go through with this junk anyways. That is a slap in the face. We already cannot defend ourselves from cyber-attacks based out of Asia and Eastern Europe and now we want to attach our entire electric grid to it so Obama can keep track of each person's carbon footprint when even global warming is up for dispute. These people make up false realities and then believe them.

The Oligarchy

It really is amazing how much Obama-lovers, hardcore Democrats, and hardcore Republicans will continually deny the fact that every last one of their candidates is bought and payed for by some lobbyist or lobbying corporation. As long as lobbying is legal or unmonitored, corporations and wealthy people that have interest will continue to donate large sums of money to political campaigns so that these politicians will remember them and make laws or loopholes to benefit them once they are in office.

The problem here is now starting to show its ugly face in America. That problem is that small businesses are getting snuffed out. Small businesses are the ones that get things done. Large corporations and the government are bureaucracies and bureaucracies take a long time to get anything done. Why they get nothing done will be left for another post.

I'm going to continue to preach the Libertarian mantra on this blog and that means that I am about to say once again, vote out Democrats and Republicans next election. We don't need greedy, war-mongering morons like George Bush or over-emotional, snake-like liars like Obama who can't keep his word about anything.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Use Your Brain

The Register

"Claire Allen, 36, spotted the astonishing face as she was poised to poison son Robbie, 4, with Marmite on toast. The mother of three from Danygraig, Ystrad, Rhondda, told the South Wales Echo: 'I couldn’t believe it. I opened the Marmite jar and put it on the breakfast bar, and the lid caught my eye.

'I just looked at it and immediately thought, that’s Jesus Christ. It wasn’t a new jar, but I’d never noticed that before.'"

Claire, use your brain, Jesus is not looking at you through a Marmite jar. If Jesus was really looking after you, do you think he would waste his time making his face appear on the bottom of a Marmite jar lid? The same goes for all of these other cases. Why would Mary's face appear in a grill cheese sandwhich? It is ridiculous to think this is anything other than a coincidence. Use your brains.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Influenza Hysteria

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The swine flu is possibly the most over-hyped "pandemic" in a long time. We all remember the enormous media hype and scare tactics about the avian flu. Now they are doing the same thing with a less dangerous virus strain. The World Health Organization (WHO) is needlessly scaring the world and hurting economies globally as well. The mass media is just riding this wave to make money and in the process spreading these scare tactics even more.

Let us look at some facts from websites that actually deal with the statistics and facts and not the news media. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), during the week of April 12-18, there were 55 deaths due to the influenza virus, not the swine flu. There were 2,449 reported cases of the flu during that week and seven cases of the swine flu with one death in the United States. That death was a young child and young children and elderly people are known to be susceptible to far worse symptoms after contracting the flu.

Stupid things, like Britain buying 32 million masks for their citizens, are bad for the mentality of the populace and can only lead to the governments assuring the people even more that they are being taken care of and then they take more control. You are not being taken care of, there is nothing to fear. The swine flu symptoms are barely different than the normal flu and in some cases haven't even been as bad.

Quote from Cafferty:

"One scientist tells the Los Angeles Times that just because the swine flu is being identified in more countries doesn’t mean it’s spreading especially quickly, saying: 'You don’t ever find anything that you don’t look for.'"

This is why scientists are smart. Scientists are obviously not politicians and they obviously don't work in the media, because those people are comparably dumb.

Quote from Cafferty (user post):

"Terence from Piscataway, New Jersey writes:
Jack, It’s not overblown at all. When a member of our family catches this disease, we will all know what to do to get well and not spread it around. This is what makes our country so great. We are well-informed about everything through the media and you, Jack."

Terence, you are a moron. We already knew what to do to help prevent the spread because it spreads just like the flu does. If you think we are well-informed thanks to the mass media you are delusional. The fact that you don't think this was overblown proves my point.

If you ask how I think more control will be instituted, here is you answer. If this goes up to a level 6 disease according to the WHO, the CDC will ask all companies to have a "workplace pandemic coordinator or team" (from Computerworld) to make sure that employees are being sanitary. You will have some goon following you to the bathroom to make sure you washed your hands.

At this point I am almost hoping I get the swine flu so I can be fine in a week and not have to worry about that strain anymore. Then while everyone else is scared to death by the mass media, I will be out dancing around and having a good time. Sometimes I think we need a mass pandemic to wipe out a nice chunk of the world, maybe that will teach us to use our brains and help the environment at the same time.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Banning Things Doesn't Work: Part 2

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I know most of my rants about things be banned by law were about drugs, but I did have an earlier post about the possibility of banning exotic pets. I talked about the Burmese python population in southern Florida and the Everglades because of people releasing their pets into the wild. Well, as usual it seems the government is doing the wrong thing. Instead of trying to hold these inconsiderate, uninformed pet owners accountable, they plan on taking away all of our rights because of a few morons.

Welcome to H.R. 669. What a surprise that the sponsor is a Democrat. A whole load of pets are in question here including hamsters, guinea pigs, and other popular rodents. Of course, my concern is with exotic snakes, which I do keep and I keep them well. People like me who keep them well and don't abuse our rights should be allowed to do as we wish. If you really want to fix this problem, make an accountability system. Charge $25 dollars to take a quick knowledge test for whatever variety of pets you wish to own. This test should demonstrate that you know basic care and why you shouldn't release these animals. All you have to do is have a simple registration system with this and just the fact that you have to pay a small $25 dollars and know a little bit will change how many people are irresponsible. Also if you suddenly find someone missing a very rare pet you can track them down through this system and hold them accountable for environmental damage.

No need to ban things; for the last time.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Government = Cyber-Insecurity

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Wall Street Journal

As if I needed any more reason to think the government should have nothing to do with our computer security. Well, they gave me another reason not surprisingly. Apparently data on a new fighter jet was downloaded from a "secure" location and over a few terabytes of it was stolen. That means this attack was not some quick breach, it was going on for some time. Do you really want this corrupt organization, who can't even keep their own top secrets safe, trying to defend everyone in this nation, including corporations, from cyber-attacks. Many, many organizations are a lot safer than the government; why do they not go to industry experts for help? Because they are more concerned with making you think they are helping than actually making anything any better.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Torture Is Not Effective

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It has long been debated whether or not torture actually gets any valuable information out of a person. The majority of psychologists say that it does not because the person will say anything to get you to stop the pain or panic, whatever one is trying to induce. Now we have an example to back this up. Apparently, one Al Qaeda prisoner was waterboarded 183 times. Let me ask this question, if you have to do an interrogation process 183 times on someone, is it really effective? Even after a few times the guy probably figured out a way to fool the system by acting like he was closer to passing out than he really was, or purposely passing out to stop it.

The United Nations has defined waterboarding as torture and the United States prosecuted top Japanese personnel after World War II for waterboarding some of our people. We should apply the same methodology to our own people who were in charge of this. I know some people will say "oh but they do it to our guys." You know what? Yes they do it to our people sometimes if they are captured. That is what has made us the good guys in the eyes of the world in the past. As much as some people would like to deny the fact that that matters, it does. If a lot of other major countries don't like you, they can put serious damage on your economy and make all of our lives a lot worse. Things work better when you are liked. The other bonus to having very humane treatment of prisoners of war is that soldiers from nations who are corrupt and are being forced to fight are a whole lot more likely to just surrender if they know they are going to get food, water, and shelter and not get killed.