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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Banning Things Doesn't Work: Part 2

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I know most of my rants about things be banned by law were about drugs, but I did have an earlier post about the possibility of banning exotic pets. I talked about the Burmese python population in southern Florida and the Everglades because of people releasing their pets into the wild. Well, as usual it seems the government is doing the wrong thing. Instead of trying to hold these inconsiderate, uninformed pet owners accountable, they plan on taking away all of our rights because of a few morons.

Welcome to H.R. 669. What a surprise that the sponsor is a Democrat. A whole load of pets are in question here including hamsters, guinea pigs, and other popular rodents. Of course, my concern is with exotic snakes, which I do keep and I keep them well. People like me who keep them well and don't abuse our rights should be allowed to do as we wish. If you really want to fix this problem, make an accountability system. Charge $25 dollars to take a quick knowledge test for whatever variety of pets you wish to own. This test should demonstrate that you know basic care and why you shouldn't release these animals. All you have to do is have a simple registration system with this and just the fact that you have to pay a small $25 dollars and know a little bit will change how many people are irresponsible. Also if you suddenly find someone missing a very rare pet you can track them down through this system and hold them accountable for environmental damage.

No need to ban things; for the last time.

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