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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Government Wants To Control The Banks

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The only reason I say "Government" instead of "Obama" in the title is because Bush has a major part in this as well. You would think that the government would want the money back from the bailouts that it gave to banks; I mean that is what it was intended to be, a loan, right? Of course not. That is why at this point the government is not letting any major banks give back their bailouts. Some major banks do not want to have to deal with the strings the government has recently attached to the money and they don't want Obama to be able to control the pay of everyone in the company. I wouldn't want that in my company that's for sure.

This whole stink started in late 2008 under Bush when certain banks were forced to take a bailout under threat of government audit. So basically, our government blackmailed our banks, the private sector, into taking government money. The whole time they had planned to keep control over the banks and now that the banks want out, and are willing to give back all of the taxpayer money, they won't take the money back. We are about to spend trillions of dollars and the government, full of buffoons, will not take the money back because of the power it gives them. This, ladies and gentlemen, was the reason the government was not supposed to be big. Once power grows, it grows exponentially faster and it does not give up power until a revolution occurs. Someone needs to bring one really soon.

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  1. Once again its about controlling the flow of capital. That's all this administration is about. He who controls the money, controls everything. But, if all these bankers would just stand up and say enough is enough, where would the administration be? After Obama fueled a "linch mob" mentality using his ACORN friends to villify AIG bonuses, he now asks them through Geithner to buy toxic assets. (How come we don't hear about the recent bonuses given to Fannie Mae execs?)

    Why don't the bankers stand up and name names. Who threatened them with audits? Who is telling them they have to sell them shares of stock? Who is telling them they cannot give back the money? Shine the light of day on these "shakedown" artists. I believe that is called extortion under our once revered Constitution.