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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Ted Stevens Screw-Up

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This could end up being a great example of how politicians will use any tactics to get into office. This country was built on the idea that the people choose who they want to be in office based on their ideas for the nation, correct? Well the politicians we elect don't see it that way; they see it as "anything goes to get my easy salary".

After I thought this man was a shame to politics, Former Alaska Senator Ted Stevens had all charges against him dismissed by a U.S. District Judge who is now also opening a federal investigation of the prosecution team that was against Senator Stevens (he would have won if not for this so he deserves Senator). This could have been any one of three things and none of them are good for the prosecutors:

1) The prosecution was really just that inept. In this case they should all be fired and never allowed to serve in law again because they are absolutely pathetic.

2) Someone had a personal grudge against Senator Stevens and decided that this would be a good way to get at him. In this case whoever this may be, including the prosecution, should all be fired and charged with obstruction on as many counts as possible. This cannot be tolerated.

3) This may not be likely, but if this was planned by any group of people in the Democrat party to get one of their own in office, this election should be redone and the people involved should all be fired, charged with obstruction of justice, sued for everything they have by Stevens for the damages they did, and be exposed to America.

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  1. I agree! Let's have a recall of the new Senator and then have a special election. Someone should be held accountable. It sounds like Chicago politics to me.