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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ridding The World Of Nuclear Weapons

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Now here is something I can agree with the President on: the world definitely needs to get rid of its nuclear weapons. Back to reality: it won't happen. As long as the knowledge is there someone will try to use them for real or as a deterrent; even if we, the USA, lead the way in destroying them. Here is one of the differences between me and President Obama. The President likes to talk about how they "feel" things are going and what would be ideal for this country. Wonderful. In reality, you can't think that way; you must think about what is feasible. I like to think about what is possible to do. Not everything can be this perfect ideal that everyone dreams of.

Back to the point; who are we to control what other countries are allowed to have and not have? Pull back inside our borders and defend with a vengeance if we are attacked. We shouldn't care in the least bit what other nations want to achieve or what inhumanities are being committed. Those that are oppressed always outnumber the oppressors by a large number and can free themselves as the founders of this country did. We have made a joke out of our military by spreading it so far around the world and too thin. If we used it just as a nasty self-defense no one would bother attacking us either. If someone attacked our home soil we wipe them off of the face of the earth and come back home and move on. Simple. Controlling the world with our military is not the answer.