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Friday, April 3, 2009

The Beginning Of Censorship

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The beginning of censorship usually happens when the government wants to take over "oversight" of something or run something in "your best interest". Say hello to the future of internet censorship. The government now wants to take over cybersecurity and make cybersecurity rules that would also affect private institutions. Don't you think the government should have to show they can competently secure anything before telling a business how to be secure? The United States government is like one big cyber leak and now they want to run national cybersecurity.

Quote from The Register:

"US senators have drafted legislation that would give the federal government unprecedented authority over the nation's critical infrastructure, including the power to shut down or limit traffic on private networks during emergencies."

Wonderfully vague, as usual. What kind of emergencies are we talking? Raise the terror level to red and create an emergency so you can control what people see during that time? Everything is always vague so that the government has plenty of wiggle room to try and control something that the bill wasn't meant for. That way, since most Americans pay attention to nothing, people don't even know what is going on.

If the President had to fear for his life (or if they made up the situation), then they could easily take any content that was against the President and block it. Far too vague.

Quote from Network World:

"Federal legislation introduced in the Senate this week would give President Obama the power to declare a cybersecurity emergency and then shut down both public and private networks including Internet traffic coming to and from compromised systems."

Too much power; too vague. Anything can be turned into a cybersecurity emergency. After watching what is going on with the internet in the likes of China, Australia, and Germany, I am not a big fan of any internet control. It is the last place with completely free flowing information; there is your reason why they want to control it.

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