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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Media Bias On Global Warming And Stupidity

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For some (unknown?) reason, the mainstream American media refuses to cover the growing movement against the idea that carbon dioxide emissions are the soul reason for global warming. For a long time now I have agreed that carbon dioxide emissions may have had an effect on "global warming" but that it was going through a natural pattern and Al Gore is being a scare artist. After recent reports from NASA, yes that is NASA and they are reputable and control all of the spacecraft which give us radar and data, I am starting to think otherwise.

According to the first article (and the NASA article since that is their source), aerosols (and sulfur too) can actually cool down the atmosphere because aerosols reflect and absorb sunlight. They also change the properties of clouds that contain them by making them more reflective. What is comical about this is that during the 1970's we put major controls on aerosols and sulfur emissions to stop pollution and because of "global cooling". The article also states that soot (black-carbon aerosols, China puts out a lot) absorb heat and help warm up the atmosphere and could be the largest cause of warming.

Other studies show that dust particles may also have a larger affect on warming and ocean temperature than greenhouse gases. US scientists are saying that controlling soot emissions would do a whole lot more for the atmosphere than worrying about greenhouse gases. Where is the mass, mainstream media in reporting the truth? No where to be found.

Could we have possibly found the culprit? Oh yes, it is politicians, of course. Stop trying to convince people that we can or even should attempt to control the atmosphere. We don't even have a clue how the whole system works. I know we hate to think we don't have control but leave it alone. Al Gore and his idiot goons have been feeding you crap with their false thermographs (leaving out all kinds of variables) for years now; it is time for it to stop.

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So now we move on to more idiots suggesting fixes for something we obviously don't know a whole lot about. Most of this is coming from the second article listed, the first is a bit of a joke. Apparently some Obama science chief came up with a genius idea. Let's genetically engineer trees to use up a lot more carbon dioxide and then spray the atmosphere with the proper aerosols. Wow, what a genius idea.

Do we think about the consequences of anything before we just throw it into action? Genetically engineer trees? We are the ones that are supposed to be not throwing new species into the environment and now that is exactly what is being suggested. Do we have any idea how these trees might dominate other plants, especially if the carbon dioxide levels are as high as they say? What will this mean if different plants start going extinct? It will mean whatever eats those plants will probably go extinct and then whatever animal eats whatever was eating those plants will also go extinct; and on goes the cycle for awhile before equilibrium is again achieved. Then we will spray the atmosphere with aerosol. Do we have any idea what side affects of that would be? Next thing you know we will have dropped the Earth's temperature too much and instead of melting polar ice caps killing polar bears you will have cooled tropics killing entire coral reefs.

We really do have a bunch of morons running the world and it is entirely our fault for electing them. A new party is needed; a party of people who have not yet rolled in success.

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