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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party!

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Finally it seems people are tired of sitting around and doing nothing about the government and its ineptness. When you don't like something, it won't get fixed by hoping for better. Hundreds of tea parties took place around the country today to protest the insane government spending in the last 8 months between the end of the Bush administration and beginning of the Obama administration.

In the CNN article it was stated that we don't know what will happen when people get tired of protesting and that they might take up weapons or stop paying taxes. I'll tell you what will happen, both of those. If people get tired enough and feel that the way they want to live is in jeopardy, they will stop funding the government and they will get rid of it one way or another just as this country did to get away from England.


  1. CNN and Libs don't get it! "We the people" are really mad. I like when I hear that I will get $400 or $800 fram the government! It was already my money!

    This is a legitimate disagreement with the way our government is headed. Why is it the media, tv actors, and politicians are so vitriolic and vulgar? These are the people who are supposed to be so "tolerant?" Anybody who disagrees with our President or the new collectivist mentality of our government is catagorized as racist, redneck, greedy, unpatriotic, etc. We have been subjected to a bunch of vulgar innuendo attacks by presumably intelligent people using the term "teabagging."

    It is a scary thing when the very media, that the 1st Amendment was written to protect, is willing to tell others that they do not have the right to free speech. They do this by tring to marginalize anyone who disagrees.

    This is not the CHANGE that people voted for.

  2. this tea party was a waste of time.. I drove by a massive tea party protest and most of them thought taxes were getting raised for everyone this year.. COMPLETELY forgetting that not a single person is paying more taxes this year and 95% are getting a tax cut. Republican and Libertarian views on the this issue is way off and all I hear is obsolete arguments that just don't apply anymore. Obama is doing a swell job and its just morons arguing about something that has little to do with the problem that are holding him back because there is always a "No" coming from somewhere no matter what he says. And yes a good amount of the people protesting and hate the president are basically ignorant morons who don't get it and probably just want sarah palin to wink and save the world...

  3. There a lib (Allen)goes again. Run out of intelligent things to say and start name calling.
    Why is it that discourse, which is healthy in a republic, cannot be conducted without trashing the other side?

    The protest was more than taxes that we personally do or do not have to pay. It is about a government that is trampling on our Constitution by spending way to much, telling private companies what they can pay executives, and very possibly creating other bloated government programs such as government run healthcare and cap and trade restrictions.

    Allen--The President's party has total control. So if the there is a "No" coming back from somewhere, it has to be his own party! Let's see if you can get through an entire answer without using a derogatory term. Hmmmmmmm.....

  4. You're not going to spin what I said and get away with labeling me a typical name calling liberal. You have no idea who I am, I could be a republican who -thinks- and is disgusted in the party for all you know.

    I wasn't name calling to be mean, I was speaking truth about how many ignorant and unhelpful morons are trying to trash this president just because he is a democrate and critical of Bush.

    And no the Presidents party does not have total control.. they have a lot of control which is why he is doing plenty good so far. You need 60 seats in the senate and I believe the democrats have 58.

    And we understand the ridiculous spending which is why the administration is trying to go through the tax code and get it up to 21st century standards while working on programs that don't work and cutting ones we don't need. If you are talking about the stimulus package then you are truly inept and can't rationalize for the life of you what kind of a crisis we're in.

    If I use derogatory langauge to back up my argument it's because it is well needed to communicate the truly incompetent people who participate in our democracry. Repubs need to be smacked and immature as that sounds it's true. Actually no, they just really need to go back to the drawing board and come up with helpful solutions. I assume you must hate Hannity, Coulter, and Limbaugh for their derogatory commentary?

    Snap out of it already and go get counseling. There are other issues besides "taxes" that you have a problem about and I bet money it has a lot to with your biases. Let me guess.. You probably think this president is a socialist?

  5. None of the tea parties were meant to be about raised taxes they are meant to be about government spending. Most of the people at the tea parties that knew anything at all were third party members and this protest was not based on right wingers, a large part was also protesting the previous regime's spending.

  6. The president deserves to be trashed as much as Bush did, they are all inept idiots and so is the president himself. Much more so than anyone that had the balls to go to a tea party and do something. Nothing the government has done is good, zero.

  7. I take that back, the foreign policy has been good, that's it.