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Thursday, April 16, 2009

PETA Is A Waste of Life

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Some of the ideas that PETA comes up with really bother me. I am irritated at their stupidity and their complete ignorance to the fact that there are a lot more important things in courts than changing the name of a mascot.

If the case in this article goes to court, I will personally write to whoever I can in PETA and tell them they are a waste of life. Spearfish High School is being asked to change its name to "Sea Kittens" high school. What a joke. Actually PETA, in case you were wondering, there is a scientific classification of fish known as spearfish and/or billfish. We are not talking about spearing fish here and no one even thinks that when they are talking about a high school. Don't you people have anything better to do with your time? And just because I am really annoyed right now I am going to get picky. Quote:

"Most parents would never dream of spending a family weekend torturing kittens, but hooking fish through their mouths and pulling them through the water is just as painful as hooking a cat's mouth and dragging him or her behind a car."

Fish live in water, cats do not live in pavement. Hooking a fish in the mouth is less painful than a cat's and a lot less bloody. Dragging a cat over pavement will tear it to pieces. Dragging a fish through what it naturally swims through is not doing any extra damage.

Obviously all animals feel pain. No one is debating that fact. You PETA idiots seem to not realize that a lot of people do not care if animals feel a little pain. Competition between species is what got us here and it has been going on for millions of years, it is natural for being of one species to kill beings of another. We can't all be animal loving, pot smoking, hippies like you. By the way, when you walk down the sidewalks and roads you are probably stepping on ants. I am totally sure they feel pain too. Are you going to stop and give it a funeral? That would just be wrong if you didn't treat that poor ant just like we treat people now.

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  1. 95% sure that insects do not feel pain. The process requires a portion of the brain to interpret what is happening in a complex system. Insects do not have the capabilities. Though I get what you were going for and I completely agree with your message here.