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Monday, April 13, 2009

To The Bush Haters And Obama Lovers: They Are The Same

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I loved listening to a few of my professors constantly tell me about how George Bush had his questioners picked out before any of his press conferences; and I don't disagree with them either. The funny part about it is their complete ignorance to their own left wing fools doing the same thing. I actually listened to one of these morons tell me about how Barack Obama answered hard questions from unknown people a few weeks back. Read the article.

If he didn't know who these people were he got extremely lucky. The odds are overwhelmingly not in his favor and the evidence is shouting the same thing: he picked who was going to ask him questions beforehand at a press conference.

This is the advantage of being a member of a small but growing third party who is neither more to the right or to the left. Libertarians are socially liberal and fiscally conservative. We sit here and laugh at the bickering that these two parties start through the media to completely blind everyone to what is really going on. My professors, that will go unnamed, are a perfect example.


  1. I actually didn't know Obama pulled this stunt at a press conference yet. Damn, that sucks. He better up his game soon... or at least have some people with more exposure than you call him out on it publicly.

  2. I like you comment about being blind to what is really going on. I heard a good analogy.

    It's like a magician---he gets you distracted watching one hand so you don't see what the other hand is doing. Then you are completely surprised how the trick is performed.

    Everytime I see a media "brouhaha" going on now, I look around for what's happening that they don't want us to see!