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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Smart-Grid Not So Smart


The Register

The not-so-genius idea called the Smart-Grid that is being implemented as we speak, already has cyber-security issues. I could have told you this before it even started for two reasons: the government has their hand in it, and nothing is ever 100% secure. Knowing these two things, why did we vote in politicians that wanted to do this? There are certain things vital to our way of life that we should not attach to a network. Those certain things are worth the extra man-power and time to keep off of a network. Attacks will make it cost more in the end. One of those things is the electric grid.

There are already multiple demonstrations planned for conferences for ways to attack the Smart-Grid; attacks that will allow a hacker to create power outages basically anywhere he/she wants.

President Obama likes to stand up there and talk a lot, I mean he is good at talking, and say how we need to keep looking into cyber-security and how we need to look at this and that. The only problem is, regardless of the advice from the security community, they are going to go through with this junk anyways. That is a slap in the face. We already cannot defend ourselves from cyber-attacks based out of Asia and Eastern Europe and now we want to attach our entire electric grid to it so Obama can keep track of each person's carbon footprint when even global warming is up for dispute. These people make up false realities and then believe them.

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