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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The Big Speech

Mr. President you really do have a chance to be one of the most successful presidents of all time. I stress the fact that it is a chance and not guaranteed. I will remain a skeptic until I see things work; which is how everyone should be. When something is shown to work, then think it is good. I think I am right but I hope you are right because I would rather things work out and me be wrong than life be worse and me be right.

Some of what you said I am absolutely positive will never work. Let me talk about my expertise. For the last time, getting a national health records database is NOT a good idea. It WILL get hacked. There is no way to make it secure and it will never pay off the troubles that will come when you lose massive numbers of medical identities.

In the end even the government will not do what is not in their own best interest. If they wanted to do what was best and cut some spending they would cut THEIR OWN salaries down to what the average American makes and get the benefits of the programs they give to others so they can be on the same level.

One thing I noticed throughout this whole speech that really bothered me is just how fake every politician is. This is not the first time I've noticed this. They all stand and clap as soon as a few others do just so they don' have to be seen sitting down and pouting. A lot of Republicans had fake angry faces on and a lot of Democrats and constant, fake, plastered smiles. It is all such an obvious front.

All in all the speech sounded good, as expected from this president, and there are some things I want to see work before I believe.

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