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Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to The News Forum!

Hello, readers!

Before I make any legitimate posts, I want to state the purpose of this blog for all. I believe that more Americans need to engage in political and ideological dialectic in order to develop more unbiased and educated ideas that are based on real-world facts. The purpose of this blog will be to create a place where people can engage in debate without unwarranted foul language, name-calling, or forum trolling. PLEASE refrain from mocking other posters. If you want to criticize someone's point of view that is fine but please keep it intelligent and not belligerent.

In order to keep this blog as unbiased as possible, with any post that I make I will also include at least one link to a news article relating to the topic that I am discussing so that you may see the facts presented in the news with your own eyes rather than through my perspective. Please read these articles. I will attempt to post articles from different news organizations that relate to the topic at hand so as to eliminate at least some of the intentional or unintentional bias of any given news site.

I will try to have at least one post daily but alas, I'm sure life will get to me sometimes and there will be some days missed.

Thank you for checking out the blog!

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