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Friday, February 27, 2009

Political Party Discension

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President Obama has created a plan for troop removal from Iraq that will leave a residual force there to train Iraqi's until 2011. Apparently that isn't good enough for Nancy Pelosi and other lead Democrats.

The facts:

-We will be completely out of Iraq by the end of 2011.

-Obama wants to remove 2/3 of our military forces that are there by August 2010 and leave approximately 1/3 of our forces there to train Iraqi's and aid in security until they take over. In the end, the plan is to remove everyone.

There seems to be no problem with that plan as far as I can see but for people that think making someone else look bad matters, there is a problem. It really is too bad no one in the media asks "why?" anymore. I want to know Pelosi's reasoning for not agreeing with this. As far as I can see the only possibly reason would be if we withdraw completely and in shorter time, there is a chance Iraq could become a long-term civil warzone and she could slap it on the Republicans so they look bad. Let us hope that is not the case.

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