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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Oh, The Stimulus Package

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It is quite obvious at this point that most Republicans really do not approve of the "stimulus" package that was recently passed and signed. Although there have been many other wasteful programs pointed out, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal points out a few.

Quote from CNN article:
"He spoke to a large group of reporters after the session Monday, noting items such as $1 billion in added spending for the national census and $50 million in federal spending for the arts."

Items like these do not belong in an economic stimulus bill, period. I totally agree with the Republicans on this. There are some things in this bill that may help in the long run and may not. No one really has any idea what is going to happen. The two things mentioned above are not economically stimulating. The reason I am making a big deal about small things like this is the same reason I made a big deal about the new helicopters: in a time like this, every penny matters. This is not a time to say "it's just $1 billion dollars out of $900 billion." It is still $1 BILLION DOLLARS. When President Obama states that 90% of the bill is good and the other 10% is not a reason to vote against it, he is completely wrong. If he is telling the truth when he states the ratio of 90%, there is an incredible amount of waste. 10% of that money is $90 BILLION DOLLARS!

Some people will say that most of the bill is good and some politicians need to have benefits in the bill in order for it to receive their vote. I say those politicians should all be voted out and never run for office again. Anyone, in any party, who votes for a bill they don't completely believe in because a benefit was added to receive their vote should be removed from office now. The only way for this to happen is for people to pay attention, get angry about it, and do something.

Time for a little bashing of the Republicans now.

Quote from the Fox News article:
"Although he said Republicans are willing to work with Obama and congressional Democrats, his remarks continued the generally harsh Republican reactions to Obama's bid to boost the U.S. economy with billions of dollars in spending."

No Mr. Jindal, you are not willing to compromise just as the Democrats are not willing to compromise. You take turns saying this exact same thing when the other side takes control so you can seem like the good guys for the next election; the good guys who got snubbed by the big powerful opposites.

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