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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Attacks On Free Flowing Information

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Quote from the article:

"Government's tendency to morph from blocking "child porn" to censoring discussion of all government censorship was illustrated this week when German Police raided the offices of Wikileaks Germany."

If you want to know what Wikileaks is about, visit the website here. A quote from their website:

"We are of assistance to peoples of all countries who wish to reveal unethical behavior in their governments and institutions."

Wikileaks has long been known to have many government documents uploaded to its site and I have used it before on here. It is the best example of how to keep powerful and crooked governments in their place. Of course, they don't like this so, logically, they will try to stop it. That is exactly what the German government did and they have no excuse.

Australia is also guilty of censorship. Australia has a system set up where they block access to sites in their nation based on "complaints" from citizens and based on a list of sites "citizens" think should be blocked. That is a load of bull. Australia doesn't want its country to know what sites it is blocking. Their list of blacklisted sites was leaked to Wikileaks and they went and blocked Wikileaks. I guess they aren't just blocking sites that the citizens want then since they should already know about it? And how do web services know what sites to block then if the list is classified? Never let the government tell you they are doing something in your best interest and just let them go. The same thing happens in America all the time.

This type of censorship is not far off in America. Once the government takes over national cyber-security, as it is trying to do right now, censorhip will be imminent.

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