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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Barkley's Sentence, Why Is This News?

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Charles Barkley has received a whopping three day prison sentence for a DUI. This article is in with the rest of the news on CNN and is currently at the top due to the time it was posted.

This is NOT news. Thousands of people get DUI's every day and no one cares to make the punishments harsher to prevent it and yet Charles Barkley's three day prison sentence makes it on the main news on CNN and probably other networks although I didn't look hard.

This is what is wrong with our culture. People actually care what athletes do in their free time or what happens in their private life. This is completely different than watching the sports. People watch sports because they like competition and shows of skill and that is completely natural since we got here through competition between species. It is an extension of our survival instinct. In America in current times, during an economic crisis, we still find enough time to worry about what Charles Barkley is doing with his life or to find out how much money John Daly has thrown away when we could be doing something productive instead of sitting and waiting for the government to tax the money from the people who ARE doing something with their time and giving it to us.

How pathetically sad is this.


  1. I definitely agree with you on this one, they should make the punishments for drunk driving a lot harder because so many people do it. I'm not really sure who Charles Barkley is but I don't really think athletes personal lives need to be broadcasted over the news either. It's like the whole stupid Michael Phelps thing, parents were so worried because he was a good role model for their kids and if the story wasn't all of the news he still would be

  2. Yeah, parents should be teaching their kids that people are people and parents should be the role model for their kids, not Phelps or any other athlete. If you want to model your game after them then whatever, completely different, but not your life.