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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Proposition 8

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There are some things I just do not understand. Nowhere in the Bill of Rights is there a statement about marriage in the United States. The founding fathers did this on purpose, as well as not including race, sex, or religion in any statements except to state your freedom thereof, so that the majority could not take away the rights of the minority. Of course, since people in power are inherently corrupt and there is no perfect system, it was abused at some point and gay marriage somehow became an issue. There will be a link at the bottom of this page to the Bill of Rights and you will see that nowhere in there is a gay marriage ban.

The point of this nation was that the rule of the majority could NOT take away the rights of ANY minority for ANY reason. Specific people can lose their rights by committing crime but the Bill of Rights is granted to everyone else regardless, it is the cornerstone of our nation. Now, to my point, homosexuals are one of these minorities who are currently not allowed to do as they wish.

I may not like homosexuality and I might even think it is disgusting BUT I still realize homosexuals are people and should be allowed to do as they wish. There should be no legal definition of marriage. Marriage is strictly a religious or traditional ritual which has NO place in politics since people can have very different opinions on how they choose a life partner or whoever. If you want to find out whether any type of person is a failure, then let everyone have their rights and let competition do its thing. If a gay person is a productive member of society their personal choices or genetics are of no problem, the gay part does not matter. If someone decides not to be productive they can suffer and wallow in their own ignorance and stupidity, again regardless of personal choice or genetics.


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