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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Make Stem Cells Without Stem Cells

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I wonder if this will make the mainstream television news. I have known about this for some time now and I finally found it on NBC. Quite a few months ago I read an article, that I cannot seem to find anymore, about some researchers at a university in the USA that had discovered a way to turn skin cells into stem cells. This article speaks of a safer way to do this process.

This should entirely end the debate about the ethicality of stem cell research because we know longer need to use practices which are questionable at all. From all sides of the political spectrum this is good news. From the right, there is no longer anything ethically wrong with this because no embryos are being used. From the left, you no longer have to push for something that someone else may even think is unethical because you have another way to get the necessary cells for research. From the third party view, now we get stop hearing the bickering, finally!

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