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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Border/Mexico Problems Getting Worse

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There is no real reason to still have insecure borders at this point with all that is going on in Mexico and to still be allowing illegal immigrants to slap the face of those who came here the right way and waited for their turn. The violence of the drug cartels in Mexico is going to find its way over the border eventually if something is not done soon.

Of course, the easiest way to make them disappear would be to legalize drugs. Right now we are the number one consumer of these "illegal" drugs and that is what makes them so valuable. Anything on the black market is far more valuable than it would be if it was being legally mass produced. Legalizing drugs is the perfect solution to this. Change the laws and tax them like we do to cigarettes. If you are a proponent of protecting people from themselves, then why are alcohol and cigarettes fine and other drugs not? So you can leave people their delusions of freedom? In the end, you cannot protect people from themselves so you may as well profit off of it and regulate it so it doesn't turn out like it is right now in Mexico.

On a side note, the way our drug laws are set up right now is so backwards. There are a lot of taxes on cigarettes and the government brings in a lot of money to spend from these taxes. I find it funny that they then try to help people quit smoking, it was in the "stimulus", even though they will be losing spending money if that actually happens and have to tax something else more that we probably don't want taxed.


  1. I am highly critical of this theory. Yes it works in other places (sort of) but no it won't work here. The problem with drugs outside of cigarettes and alcohol is it gets you delusional from very few hits. Expect a spike in car accidents when that happens. And good luck with insurance companies wanting to cover people who smoke weed not to mention the other shit. Alcy is pretty bad and if it wasn't for the beer corporations lobbying we would probably have stricter rules on that since it is a gateway to all sorts of horrid things. Will it ever be culture here that drinking alcohol comes with being responsible? Too many times we like to laugh about when you or your friends got so wasted its getting so gay. These alcohol beverage producing companies have so much money/power invested in the media and our movies to make it seem cool and "livin' the life" to get drunk.

  2. You get delusional from very few drinks the firs time you drink as well, that argument doesn't work. Make the penalty for driving under the influence of anything a minimum of five years suspension of license. Problem solved.

  3. You build up a tolerance to any drug just like alcohol. If it is a gateway to something whatever, people still have the choice. You just make the punishments for the bad things WAY harsher and you let people do what they want. Stop banning things.