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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Even Democrats Getting Impatient

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It appears even some people in the President's own party are becoming concerned over the so-called stimulus package. Yes, that would be the one they voted for; I guess they didn't think that far ahead. The odd thing is, in the first paragraph of that article, it says that some Democrats are demanding greater transparency with the spending of the package. I find this interesting considering the whole thing was supposed to be entirely transparent in the first place and this is the main reason I even posted this.


During President Obama's big speech he said that every bit of money spent would be shown to the public on the website I just provided. There is nothing in detail on that site. Nothing. I want to see "transparency" Mr. President. I want to see where every dime of that money is going and I don't want it to be vague. For instance, "this amount of money is going toward road construction" is very, very vague. That tells us nothing important. For all anyone knows you could be paying off CEO's of construction companies and that is it. I wouldn't put it past anyone to do things like this and that is why we need "transparency". We need to show the public exactly how much money is being given to whom and for what. If someone is working for the government, contractor or not, that information should be public.


  1. so... not "every dime" of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has been literally shelled out yet

    the site you put up says it will "track the Recovery Act's progress every step of the way"

    so take it easy for about a second dude

  2. It says that, yet it doesn't list any real details on what has been spent so far, which is a big number. It says NOTHING in detail.

  3. Because I went on the site and looked maybe?

  4. it says on the site that they spent "a big number" so far? that's what i was asking bud

  5. No I got "a big number" from Obama saying they spent the first $400 billion on whatever vague thing he said.

  6. Yea i agree with rob. I dont think any of that money has been -officially- allotted to anyone yet. Trust me, he wants this transparency thing to work because if not its going to be almost impossible to pass anything he wants if people stop trusting him. I love how he addressed the business leaders yesterday and said how hes very confident that the stimulus package(s) will work and that by 2012 the economy will be prosperous or else "you'll be listening to someone else in 2013"

  7. I like that he puts pressure on himself as well. I can't disagree with that. There has been a lot of money spent already and it needs to be shown.