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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pelosi = Pathetic

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It is nice to know that during a time of economic crisis, when the government wants to cut benefits to military veterans to save money, that they will be getting a pay raise this year. They claim eliminating next year's pay raise is good enough. Oh really? This year each Senator is making $169,300 salary, and that is on top of whatever they do on the side or whatever they own. That is strictly the salary paid by our tax dollars to each Senator. The average American, who votes these idiots into office, is making over $100,000 dollars per year less than these Senators who are getting an annual pay raise. Maybe it is time we make serving the US people a service and not a career. Every Senator's salary should be cut to that of the average American salary; they already have enough. If you really care about America you will do the job regardless of the money. Pelosi is the one who can hold a vote on a bill that would stop this, and she will not commit to doing it because she is a money-grubbing, corrupt, moron like every other politician in our Congress.

Don't believe me? Well it turns out in the bill that would increase minimum wage, American Samoa was somehow left out. Why? Well it turns out that Del Monte Foods is a major player in Pelosi's district and they own Starkist Tuna who employs 75% of the population of American Samoa. They wouldn't want to have minimum wage raised from $3.99 an hour to $7.25 an hour in Samoa now would they? I don't think so. Not to mention the fact that H.J. Heinz Company owns 75% of Del Monte Foods' stock and that is of course owned by the Heinz family. We all know John Kerry is married into that family. Smells? Yeah.

Now after the media took hold of it Pelosi says that it will be removed. Don't think they didn't realize it was in there. Exceptions like that don't happen by accident they are written in by someone. Even if they turned a blind eye to it, they are responsible.

I'm on a roll today, sorry for the large number of posts but there are still more to come.

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