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Friday, March 6, 2009

The Mistaken Right: To Work Where You Want

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I wonder at what point in our country's history did people start believing that they had a right to work in whatever industry they wanted or wherever they wanted? You don't. You have the right to pursue happiness, and to have freedom of speech, press, and religion.

This article's writer acts like it is surprising that people may have to change industries to find a job. If your job is out of demand, OF COURSE you have to go learn something new or try something else. If your skills are not valuable, you had better go develop some new skills and stop thinking it is your right to have a job. It isn't. People that sit around sulking about how they can't find a job and haven't started learning something new or trying something else are a sad bunch and I have no sympathy for them.

Your right, relating to jobs, is to pursue happiness. You can go about that however you wish but if you don't succeed it is YOUR fault. Societies and economies are always evolving and part of being a successful person in society is being able to adapt to changes and not sitting around waiting and collecting money from someone else or the government; and by successful I do not imply wealth. Maybe if the government didn't help people they would be quicker about doing something for themselves.

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