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Sunday, March 15, 2009

This Is How The Military Treats Personnel?

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During 2006, not sure about now, one of the burning pits in Iraq was found to be a health hazard because of fumes from whatever was being burned.

Now let me get this straight; according to the memorandum there was a study done January-April of 2006 and this memorandum didn't even get written until December of 2006 after it was listed as a high health concern for personnel in the area. This means it was probably still at least another few months before anything changed, could be longer or shorter, and we just keep American personnel that chose to serve in our military operating in a hazardous area? That shows you how much the government actually cares about the individuals they are sending out to these places.

Now I understand that in battle you must think of your force as a unit and not individual people and that sometimes decisions have to be made that will put people in the line of fire; fine. This is not the same; this is an obvious health hazard and could have been put on hold until it was made right.

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