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Friday, March 20, 2009

Decriminalize Drugs

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It is really about time people started talking about this. Legalizing drug use would give people freedom over their own bodies and at the same time get rid of a lot of gangs and cartels.

Cartels and gangs thrive off of selling drugs. Since the drugs they sell are illegal, their value is already much higher than it would be if there was legal competition to sell it and it could be mass produced. The state could impose some taxes on these drugs, much like they do with cigarettes, and make a lot of money off of it to and then lower our taxes (yeah right). If we are going to protect people from themselves like we currently do, why are alcohol and cigarettes legal then? Alcohol is a gateway just like marijuana.

For those of you who think this would cause more car accidents and drug related violence, increase the penalties dramatically. Let people use them so long as they are responsible and if they aren't, hit them with every harsh penalty you can think of as a deterrent. Our current laws are a joke. If you get a DUI you lose your license for what, 90 days? Try making that law five years for first offense and lifetime driving ban on second and I guarantee you DUI's will go down. Don't give me the crap about how they have a disability by being an alcoholic; if they cannot control themselves they can go to waste for all I am concerned. Let responsible people, who know how to recreationally use and not abuse, do what they wish.


  1. let me say, i do agree that drugs should be legalized


    question: suppose all drugs are legalized and taxed and such. wouldn't all those cartels, etc. still operate illegally? that is, why would they suddenly report all the drugs they have to the government if they can make more money by not doing that?

  2. If they operated legally they would have to clean up their act because they would be scrutinized like any legitimate company and they would be forced to make certain records public.

    The reason they wouldn't last is because bigger corporations would mass produce it faster than they do because they already have departments to cover the paperwork end of things and they have the assets and technology to mass manufacture quicker.

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