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Friday, March 27, 2009

We Need New Role Models

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I have been thinking a lot about culture lately so I feel the need to write this article.

Did you ever ask yourself, why does the media glamorize rappers more than any other musicians? Why is it almost every time they want to portray someone as "cool" that they show some guy trying to look like a rapper-type? Rappers, athletes, and Hollywood stars are not meant to be role models for kids. Parents are supposed to be there for their kids and are supposed to be teaching them how they should act and making sure they don't get involved with people that are a bad influence.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with admiring someone's lyrical talent or physical abilities but there is no need to think that what they do or talk about is in any way right. There are too many children in this country who don't have parents there to look up to or at least parents who try hard and they have to find role models elsewhere.

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