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Monday, March 16, 2009

Let AIG Die Already (Part 2)

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A little while back I wrote about how the government should just let AIG go under, and for a whole lot of reasons. Another reason has just been added to that list now that AIG is giving bonuses to its executives and the President is not happy about it; and rightly so. The government needs to stop helping companies like this and let them go under. Let the company lose everything it has and then charge the executives with whatever financial crimes you can. The money of whoever committed a financial crime can be distributed to the employees of the company that went down.

Americans need a lesson and they need it badly. Nothing can be taken for granted; we take too many things for granted. AIG needs to go under to teach a lesson to executives and people alike. If you are an executive, if you make dumb decisions you will pay the price. This is why you get paid a lot in the first place; your job is high risk. If you do it well you keep the money but if it goes under you need to lose too. To everyone else, hard times and suffering is a part of life and it is a part that a lot of Americans have never experienced. It has turned us into babied brats and we need to experience hard times again. There hasn't been a really hard time in this nation since the Vietnam War and even that doesn't compare to the Depression. The Depression taught people how to be fiscally responsible because there wasn't just money lying around to blow on whatever.

The bottom line, we need to make an example of AIG and let it die.


  1. Don't take me as a shareholder in AIG as a bias (smiles) but under normal circumstances I would agree just not this time. There is a bad nasty rumor out that we are turning to socialism. No way, never gonna happen and its not happening now. The current president believes in the free market system as do I if we are going to live in a world where money runs everything. The government is obligated to step in only when necessary and this is what they are doing. AIG would be a crushing blow to the country. And if you think the government should not be babying us then I dont see how you allowing them to sit by and do nothing to teach us a lesson is right. That stuff your parents should just teach u to do. By the way.. off topic but can I request a universal healthcare article on here? Hopefully more people will comment because I'm curious to see the different viewpoints

  2. We are a fascist nation not socialist, the definition of fascism is when the government owns shares in the banks or the money system.

    If AIG would be a crushing blow then so be it. The world shouldn't be about money and nationalism.