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Monday, March 2, 2009

No Death Penalty Saves Money?

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Let us take a step aside from the "lovey-dovey" world where we don't hurt anyone and everybody is nice. Lethal injection costs a lot of money, all to put a criminal out of this world without causing them pain like they did to someone else. According to this article it will cost less to house these people for the rest of their lives than to give them lethal injection. I personally cannot see how that is possible but if it is, a bullet is much cheaper.

What is the problem with using the firing squad as a method of execution? Or the electric chair? It is cheap, quick, and there is no need to wait years on death row to use them. Stop being a bunch of cowards and use what is obviously fine. If you want to leave the crimes of passion out of this, fine, but how can a premeditated murderer not deserve this end? They don't deserve wasting tax dollars for their comfort; they carelessly took someone's life for whatever sick reason they may have.

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