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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is It Time For Term Limits For Congress?

Let me start by saying the answer is yes. It has been time for a long, long time. Finally enough people are complaining that it may actually get done. There is absolutely no need to have Senators or Representatives in office for more than twenty years. Being in such a realm for so long all but ensures that you will be corrupted and/or become complacent. Being a public servant means that you are doing just that: serving. You are not supposed to be making a career for yourself by sitting in Congress.

In order to restore what serving in Congress was meant to be, term limits need to be instituted. Two terms for Senators (8 years, need to cut terms to four years each) and three terms for the house (6 years) is enough time for any one person to be allowed to serve. The way it is set up now there are politicians who intend on gaining one of these positions in order to make the money and sit on it for many years. We must stop this, if this is really meant to be a public service than people who are willing to serve will step forward regardless of the pay.

While I am at it, let me state that Senators and Representatives should also have their pay cut. Again, this is a public service, not a career. 99% of these people are wealthy to begin with and don't need $169,300 salaries. Take what the average American makes and pay them that. They don't even work as much as a normal, hard-working American in the first place.

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