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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Terrorists' Admissions

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In this article, five terrorists that are currently being charged in our court system admit to the committed acts but obviously see it in a totally different light. They claim that the United States is the real terrorist and they are striking back. While this country may literally be an international terrorist I question whether those people themselves were actually struck first. The only way to find out anyone's true motivation is to STOP being the world police, pull EVERYONE back inside our borders, and use war when necessary. Use war the right way, if someone attacks you, you annihilate them with just cause; otherwise keep to yourself. Being the world police only gets people angry with you.

The terrorists have a little bit of a point in actually blaming the citizens as well. This is a participative democracy and we all share responsibility because we elect the officials that do as they do. Now some of you might say they control what news we get so we don't have proper information. Who elected the corrupted idiots who could possibly be controlling what we hear in the first place? We did. It is an endless cycle that will never be stopped and it happens to every major world power. When people become successful they eventually become ignorant and spoiled; that is a fact of human nature and an extension of our survival instinct.

Countries are most effective with limited government and ethical people. All it takes is one scrooge to send people on the defensive and so it starts. The only system that we know works is Darwinism.

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