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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Canada Is Becoming Pathetic

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This story is absolutely sickening. If you would like to know why children in this era have a lack of discipline and a lack of respect, look no further. A Canadian court ruled that a father's grounding of his daughter by not letting her go on a school trip was too excessive and a court allowed her to go on the trip. The judge said she had already been sufficiently disciplined. How does a court judge have the right to tell you how to discipline your children? Is the state going to start raising our children for us and brainwashing them with whatever crap they want too? I can understand if there is serious physical abuse or murder going on why a court would step in but this is way, way over the top.

The whole thing started because the 12-year-old girl was posting pictures of herself on a dating site. If that was my daughter there would be a whole lot more monitoring after that. She did not follow his orders to stay off the internet after that and got herself in trouble. How is this a court's business at all? This girl is at the age where children test the limits of their parents and this is the time when parents need to be strong. Too bad the court will just tell you that you can't.

Sickening, disgusting, pathetic. Canada, you should be ashamed of your ignorant, moronic court system.


  1. Not surprisingly I hit the disagree button but not because I disagree with your assessment on the court decision. I disagree with you thinking Canada has a moronic court system. How many stupid court decisions are made here in the US? The fact that this made big news shows you it's a rare occasion. It's funny when people come to a conclusion about something by going to one extreme. The only way you could get away with saying Canada had a moronic court system would be if this was happening on a weekly basis.

  2. I agree the USA does have a worse court system but if this happens even one time, it is a horrible court system. This is far, FAR beyond where a court should ever go so to even get there they had to be going over their boundaries in the first place.

  3. wow I couldn't agree more that case should have never made it to court what business do they have reviewing parent's punishments, I'm glad nothing like that would happen here at least