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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Insecure Government... Again

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Not that I needed another reason to say the government should have nothing to do with internet security, but I found one anyways. Not only does it take forever to get anything done because of the bureaucratic government, in a field where things change quickly, but then we can add corruption on top of that. Yusuf Acar, the District of Columbia's top information security official is involved in a bribery case and is currently jailed without bail for fear of the fact that he still may have access to some of the systems he once ran.

I am completely against the government even touching the internet and for a few reasons:

1) The internet is the last place where you can, literally, find anything you want. There is no limitation of free speech on the internet and you can talk to people anywhere in the world. I know there is some content that is bad and some that is untrue but learning how to weave through this and find what is good is a necessary skill to have anyways.

2) Information security is not meant to be done by one organization for all. Because of the fact that nothing is secure, you don't want everything in one place or all security measures controlled by one entity.

3) Government employees, especially if they had more information, would be a huge target for bribery and all sorts of corruption. As we know, most people are naturally corrupted when they have too much power. The point of this nation was to not give any one person too much power because our founding fathers realized this.

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